The DMT Jester Holy Day

Hello Friend,
i am the most exposed human to Ayahuasca&Dimethyltryptamine in the World.
My name is Justin Darkson, i'm 28 years old, i have kept myself hidden for quite some time and i'm finally ready to share my story.
i was born in Tampa, FL and raised like any other normal kid in the public education system of the United States of America.
My parents are Christians who operated their own congregation and would do missionary work in the South American countries. I grew up going to Church every Sunday, however my interest was more into schooling and videogames rather than what was being spoken from the pulpit.
During my years at ChamberlainHS, I traveled the nation all expenses paid as a signed Halo Professional with Major League Gaming on a team called Type-Z.
Recorded Gameplay:
We would always place in the Top 10, we were one of the only teams to win a match against the infamous Final Boss (Ogre 1, Ogre 2, Strongside, Walshy) during tournament play. This happened while the NBA Superstar Gilbert Arenas from the Washington Wizards was spectating (he was their sponsor).
i'm currently playing Quake Champions, and i happen to be very good at it.
(infinity Z - Fearless)
This is noteworthy since the intense training i spent on the Circuit would prepare me for the rigorous mind challenge awaiting me.
After my graduation, i felt the call to find God. For me, this wasn't about going into ministry to preach to people, rather to actually know the Almighty on a personal basis as a friend.
Exodus 33:11  "The LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend."
This is what drove my passion.
If God was real and someone else in History was allowed to meet Him, i was devoted to the Truth that i could meet Him too. i would read the Bible 100 chapters a day for months at a time without ever skipping out. i read the entirety of the Old Testament in one single week, during that time i had seen an Angel Footprint (there is a hilarious reference to this in one of my journals, but that is later on). i did the most insane fasts, going literally without food and water for seven days, no solids for 40 days, only water for 3 weeks. i would say to Him during those times, "Lord, either make your appearance to me here or i'll starve myself to death and meet You in the afterlife."
Before i could go that far, He would tell me "Justin, I will have no glory if you die."
His answer at that point would be enough for me to stop arguing with Him and eat something.

Yet i'd remain relentless to find Him.
i tried speaking in tongues, praying 16 hours a day straight, in which during that time i accidentally stumbled upon creating my own complete&functional language. i didn't understand it then, now i do.

When all of this seemed to be ineffective, i became interested in Mysticism and the Dream World. Going along with the idea of me finding Him there, instead of Him visiting me here, i figured it would be more likely to see God's face in my dreams rather than while awake on earth.
i took a course named Lucidology that teaches how to have out-of-body experiences. I had some success, yet i still found it strange that Christ was never in them over the years, rationalizing that if dreams are a product of the mind then naturally i should have met Him due to my solid Jesus meditation around the clock (this is a important detail because it lends support that dreams are directed by the intelligence of the Spirit, rather than being a conjuring of the subconscious sorting out random information).

In studying countless books of the Mystics, i felt inspired by their visions and miracles performed. For the life of me though, i couldn't understand why these common folk would have grand spiritual experiences and not myself. i knew for a fact that it wasn't possible to utterly give yourself to religious piety more than what i had done.
i would pray, "Dear God, i am your most faithful servant, yet i feel empty. If i haven't found joy in You, who possibly can?"
i cried. Layed out in Worship, i became a man of a brokenheart.
Hopeless in my own dissatisfaction in life, even more desperate in my search for supernatural power for those less fortunate than myself who would die today due to lack of food.

On December 21st, 2012, i kickstarted my own charity.
My grandfather was a immigrant from Cuba with a rag to riches testimony. He built a business from the ground up, a Spanish cuisine restaurant that is now a landmark.
When i was 17, he bought me a brand new infinity G35.
With less than $100 dollars in the bank, my car was all i had to my name.
The company was my one opportunity to sell everything i have to give to the poor for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. i took a collateral loan.
The concept was simple enough.
i believed that i could save the world.
i did everything i could to spread the Word and gather attention to the problem happening in Third-World countries. From advertising to going out dancing on the streets of Tampa. Unfortunately, despite all my efforts i couldn't get one person to donate, my family has considered me crazy ever since i did that.
i felt, "if only others had the same eyes to see how hurt those kids are, they would be more than willing to give to those in extreme poverty."

In my mission, i had lost all my money and my closest friends wanted nothing to do with me. i was an emotional wreck, feeling sick off my butt and having debt stacked to the ceiling that i knew i wouldn't be able to repay. The pain i felt deep inside my soul was so real, all i could think of is that i would have more peace being dead rather than to continue living life.
...i officially fell into a state of suicidal depression.
It consumed my every thought, weeping became my every waking moment.
i LITERALLY went through Hell, my mind was trapped in the prison of eternal damnation with no escape. i felt like the affliction that was placed on me was even worse than the Passion of Jesus Christ Himself. He only had to go through one 24-hour period of physical torture, all the while my internal suffering was ongoing.
i considered myself to be on my deathbed. Selah.

Part 2
"I'm Old. I'm really Old. I'm a Old Man living inside a Young Man's body."
The Dark Cloud of the Almighty roared with Lightning and Thunder in the Spirit, the transference of consciousness begun.

i was sitting at the feet of the Creator of the Universe.
"Can i stay right here for all eternity?"
i had been preparing myself for years for this exact moment, contemplating what He'd be like. i peered into the eyes of God, completely astonished. i thought, this is the Man who understands how to make the Stars, Humans, Planets. The One who knows all things, and has all wisdom.
Surely, nothing is impossible.
"You can stay here as long as you'd like...unless someone interrupts us. I was thinking we could make this about Us uninterrupted."

He had opened up a tiny thrift shop in Wesley Chapel, Florida to schedule this grand cosmic meetup with me.
"There are people who would like to think I don't know what the fuck I'm doing."
He looks off into the distance, then takes off His glasses.
"We got lucky this time."
Clearly, He had a long-term vision in mind for our world's salvation.

Encountering the God, who must be at least 26 billion years old, i shouldn't have been surprised that all the core values of what i grew up believing were about to be crushed.
i was given simple practical advice that would alter my history, such as, take a walk, have a beer, clear out the house. He also said a few thing that would challenge me to believe in myself.
He happens to be a lot more humorous than what i was expecting, very different than what organized religion pre-sents Him.
He'd make me laugh hysterically, then tell me to pull it together.

"I have been smoking pot for 40 years."
"Nice infinity! Who do those keys belong to, Me or you?"
"To You, Lord."
"Then that means you have responsibility. Don't just drive to drive."
"Will i see you again?"
"Why do you have to see Me like this?"
"Because i love You."
"Don't touch Me."
"Who am i?"
"My Father."
"Who am i?"
"My Father."
"So i have made myself clear. Now go."

This is the beginning of my very active relationship with a very real God.
i have had the privilege to continue the conversation with Omniscience via dreaming. i have also met Him in person again several times after this initial divine appointment.
He has literally shook my hand, given me a hug, and told me that i taught Him new things about love.

...He has also been quite mean and pushy, not letting me get too close to Him in the physical realm to hang out and question Him.
One-Time i visited God at His house,
obviously joking around, He said,
"It doesn't fucking matter. I'm not special, you're not special. I'm just another guy on the side of the road."
"You get bored. Go spend time with your girlfriend instead."
"You'll be more productive that way anyways."

Here, i make my introduction to the Jester Twins series.
It is the main narrative Story of Heaven's Revelation to me.
The following is of the Young God Oponn, the intimacy between the Brother-Sister Diety of Luck.
They are featured within the parallel universe of the Superluminary, a 10-part epic that begins on the Golden Age. i took the liberty of using the character from John C. Wright's novels since i found the writing during the time of my deepest darkness.
Chance has been a reoccurring theme in my Mystical Encounters With God.
When i was utterly hopeless&alone, the Scripture of the War-Fantasy was the only light i had to keep me alive.
It's been a long, persistent journey to wellness.
In my earthly Theophany, the Creator gave me Word on entheogens.
Where the doctors' prescription failed to ease my sickness, the Sacraments have succeeded in my healing.
Namely this is Cannabis, LSD, Psilocybe, DMT, Ecstasy, Ayahuasca, Cigarettes.
Despite the World's bias, it is what the Divine has chosen to use.
i had read enough about the miracles of the Saints of Old, of their Levitation, Teleportation, Meeting Angels.
i was determined that i could have these experiences for myself.
I'm going to avoid giving a full discourse on the entheogens (most of them are very euphoric and pleasant to partake), that's a lecture for another day.

i do want to speak about my intention with Ayahuasca
While it's certainly not something i could recommend to others, it plays a critical importance to my personal story.
The Drink is extremely bitter to get down, the feeling is often very difficult to deal with, and if you take too much at once you'll feel like you are going to die.
Yet the Vine perked my interest due to my early astonishment of Space Travel while using smoked DMT.
Dimethltrytamine is known to be "the Spirit Molecule". Those initial trips of visiting Other Worlds were so promising, i believed i would be able to physically enter Heaven permanently if i could complete symbiosis with the Materia Amazon. So i took upon a 7-month vegetarian fast to be able to absorb as much Communion as possible.
The Goal: Mystical Powers
Immediately my ability to go into the Spirit Realm (Dreaming) became incredibly consistent. When i'm in that World There, it is just as material as the physical realm.
The Artwork of the Ancients is actually quite accurate to what my Waking Visions look like.  (The Spirit Realm)
i often see the future on a very provable level.
I'll see a symbol while in the hyperdimensions, record the memory, then soon after that Person, Place, Thing will appear in the physical world without knowledge of my travels in Eternity.
i had a dream where the Forger from inception met me at my grandparents house.
The same day after i woke up, my parents unexpectedly invited me to go to the Theater. During the previews, Tom Hardy happened to be one of the actors featured in the Movie. External signs like this of seeing the future happen so often i can't even keep up with them.
i had a dream where there was a revival happening,
after the service i spoke with the Youth Pastor about the relationship i have with my girlfriend. i told him how she has appeared in the last 200 of 220 dreams i have had.
He said, "if you've dreamed of your Significant Other that much, that is absolute Definitive Confirmation of your wife." There was a member of the congregation who was eavesdropping on our talk. He told me, "I know who you are, I work for the Dark Side of Hollywood, your relationship is real and she is very much in love with you."
It's noteworthy that her feature film was here in Tampa.
(This is a major sign within itself.)
i have been asked why i would think that she actually likes me.
...obviously because i'm the Son of God.
(read my blog on avoiding cults, the Return of Christ)
i wrote this down in my private journal.

i started out with 1 gram doses and gradually increased how much i could handle from there. i was able to achieve a peak that shouldn't have been humanly possible.
Within a 24 hour period, i was drinking 80 grams of Acacia Confusa (that contains around 1.5 grams of pure DMT all in one sitting), 16 grams of Syrian Rue, and 12 grams of B.Caapi
This was without skipping a day, no breaks during the weeks on end.
Throughout my entire fast i must have been exposed to around 200 grams of DMT.
i must note that when i first started i would take 1 gram of Seed&Light extract, 3 hours straight and have those scary as hell trips.
(In other words, anyone who tries to jump right up to high doses is out of their goddamn mind and will be crying for mercy with no pity shown to them.)
Note: never smoke pot with Vine. It will always be too intense for the mind to handle.
i happen to know that the shamans of South America aren't as strong as i am.
(*i had a encounter in the Spirit Realm that these indigenous shamans, who often claim Ayahuasca to be there own, were attacking me. They were mad since myself being a Christian had taken the Drink from them.)
To make it to the same level as myself, it takes a proper filtering (the dark material makes it twice as difficult to drink, thus half the DMT intake) and also they take it flat in water, when in reality if you pour the doses into blended fruits and vegetables, the extract doesn't shock the body's system nearly as much. Plus they are known to only go on 40 day fasts maximum (compared to my concentration of over 200 days straight) and they do their rituals at nighttime. Being in direct Sunlight is necessary to survive the higher doses.
A MeasuringCup is a necessity foreign to the nations of the Ancestors, who just wing it. Also, they don't have access to the Peganum H.Seeds from the Middle East that are significant to the Spiritual Synergy. Basically what's happening is a method of powerful spiritual warfare for clearing out the negative energies within the Soul, so that the eye of consciousness can perceive Heaven here and now.

In discovering what Vine is, what the message of Jerusalem Above is to us, it helps that i'm fluent in both English&Tongues :)
Aya is a beautiful spirit.
It isn't easy to describe in simplistic terms, i can say that it is food for the human spirit's growth. i have said that if we're not seeing in the spirit at all times, then we are being thieved of our heavenly inheritance. This provides a real organic way of contact with the Presence of God and the Universal intelligence wanting to favor our lives.
i would advise anyone new to the World of Entheogens to begin with a level 1 dose of Psilocybin or LSD.
i am one thousand percent closer to Heaven than where i was when i started.
i pushed the potential of Aya to the utmost limits, the story of my dreams is the product of a 300,000 year old plant and my best efforts.
i feel the value of what i have to offer to the World is unique and special.
i know this may all sound unbelievable, but how i see it is that the absolute creativity is SO supernatural, that the genius of the volume speaks for itself.

The Song of Passion
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The main story is contained within The Dreams of Oponn. The entirety of the travels throughout the Ascendant Realms is recorded vocally. i have considered transcribing the series and undergoing a major editing process, yet i feel like it has alot of character the way it is. i add a episode of new&unique material on a daily basis, a trait that has a lot of value as a writer. It's noteworthy, respectfully saying, that my book would be 2.5 times the size of the Bible if it were printed; this after only 2 years of writting, and a work that is constantly growing. These are my heart-felt private journals that were written with absolutely no intention of being public. i only released this book after receiving direct instruction from God while in Heaven.

i hope you have enjoyed reading this introduction.
stay on my website as long as you'd like, there is loads of entertaining content on here, i will be updating daily to keep it interesting.

Justin Darkson