Jester Twins saga Vol.2

Hi There Friend!

So you have read the first volume of the Jester Twins saga, now you are ecstatic after having seen with your own eyes what all the Supernatural hype is about.
Well, i have plenty of more of where that came from and i can't wait to share it with you. First of all, i want to say thank you for your interest.
This book is my heart and soul. i was planning on keep it private for the rest of life since the relationship i have with Heaven is so personal.
Yet God had different plans and put me under all sorts of pressure to pry the book out of my hands and release it to the public.
It means a lot to me for you to want to continue to fall deeper into the Cosmos of Oponn's Mind.

Now, let's talk about Volume 2.
The way i have developed all my material to the book has had a very specific pattern. After unlocking the ability to travel the heavens with vigorious spiritual work using the sacrements, i explore the other worlds via dreaming, write down a few keywords when i wake up, then verbally speak the episode spontaneously once i understannd the interpretation of the Message given to me. The first Volume was created in 2016, so i have several years backlogged that has yet to be transcribed. In other words, not a scratch has been written for at least 5x worth of material of what Book One is. The reason for this is simply because i don't have the time to spend on it. i'm just a normal person working a job like anyone else. i have been on overtime schedule for a year now, and i haven't been able to find 10 minutes for myself without cutting into my sleep. Balancing work and writing is essentially impossible.

it is my dream to become a successful Author, this series is my passion.
To continue to explore the Heavens, and share the enlightenment God has given me with others. This is the gift that the Lord has called me to.
In displaying the supernatural realms, so also there is a energetic increase in the reader's spirit. i open the doors to places unknown, and you get to walk right in.
i'd like to believe that my Story has inspired faith, love, and joy in you.

With all of that said, here is my proposal.
i would like to ask you to consider supporting the production of the Jester Twins saga.
every Writer must depend on book sales to the readers just to survive, and my situation is no exception in this industry.
i happen to be quite the Student myself. i will pay $20 bucks for a book, finish it in two weeks, then happily pay another $20 dollars to read the next installment.
This is because i can't wait to hear what happens next and i consider the wisdom i gain from the reading invaluable to whatever price is thrown at me.
i tend to enjoy things that i like to be on the expensive side, it makes me feel like it was truly worth every penny i paid for it.
Despite this, i want to be reasonable with my readers.

MysticalHeaven1 V.I.P Access

  • To support the production of the Saga, i'm creating a exclusive online lounge for you to hang out at.
  • i will be releasing new material twice a month, and you will be the first to know about it.
  • Only $10/month
  • (That is less than the cost of admission for a movie ticket)
  • i will personally be available to have a conversation with you.
  • Have any questions answered.
  • i can also do dream interpretation for you.
  • You will receive a physical copy of each book volume of the Saga at no extra cost.

We only just launched here at MH1, this is the very beginning. There is a long road ahead of us filled with all sorts of astonishing and entertaining things.
i want to do something special for you!
As a thank you to everyone who is helping me get the production of the Jester Twins off the ground, i'm calling the initial supporters The Founding 100.
i would like to eventually buy everyone in this kickstarter group a brand new xbox (or something that will be significant to you) once the series becomes a bit more mainstream.
Luck's fortune is knocking at your door!
The way i'm going to do this is, if you are one of The Founding 100, you get to submit a wishlist for up to $500 dollars then i'm going to purchase this gift and have it shipped directly to you.
A gift to you for taking a gamble on me. This is a promise that i will probably be able to fulfill in about a year or so...92 spots left.
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i don't even know how to begin to express my appreciation to you as a individual. May God bless you far beyond your wildest comprehensions.