The Keys to Unlocking Paradise

Universal Sacrament used for Divine Symbiosis.
Ages the Soul, GivesGuidance, invokes nightly AstralTravel. #dreamawake
Electric Future Nuclear Energy
Enlightens the Seven Senses to TrillishAliveness. FlyingCars&ColorfulVibes
Spacetravelling Colonial Hyperintelligence.
Landed on Eden billions of years ago.
Euphoric to the Flesh.
SolarStardust for Human Consumption.
Source: Developers in Ancient Atlantis.
The Spiritual Light
Keeps the Mind's World elevated,
makes the Soul Strong.
As the cliche of Psychedelics goes,
Mindset and Environment is everything.
Travel instructions for the best possible experience.
Read Blog Post: The Language of Heaven
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Dream Market

Buy Psychedelics Legally!
The federal government has established a online system where Adults can purchase any Sacrament they want and even ship it to you.
Talk about Freedom :)
Learning how the Market functions is a bit techy, as it deals in Bitcoin and uses PGP encryption to protect your privacy, so i created a step-by-step guide.
No worries though, once you learn it the first time it's actually quite simple.
*i have used this service 1,000 times over the years, it's very safe to use.

like any Club for Adults, i have to i.d. you to let you in. (Age 25 and Older)
Send me a email with subject "Dream Market Tutorial" and a pic of your driver's license. i will send you the tutorial for free. Check it out even if you don't plan on buying anything, the Market is pretty interesting within itself.
*i support the idea of keeping these powerful Entheogens out of the hands of High Schoolers. i also can't envision College Students, who are in the age group of just becoming able to purchase alcohol, using the Sacraments responsibly.

Sacrament testimonials

Cosmos is at it's ground level, i'm looking for members to submit a report once they get the chance to use Entheogens. For me, each Sacrament has been a immensely positive life-changing experience, i can't wait to to hear what you have to say about it. i'm expecting to hear something like "i couldn't believe my own eyes!" when you step into Heaven on Earth for the very first time.
This is the real deal.
The report you send will be featured on the website here at MH1.
if you want to keep it a private conversation with just me, that would be cool too.