i was at God's house doing a celebration dance with Ayahuasca.
He said, "...yeah, if you want something that is only 600,000 years old."
Father was giving His invitation to take up Mushrooms as the next Sacrament.

He sent me to work at Walmart, that was basically His Courtyard, as the store was directly across the street from the Thrift Shop where i met Him.
Stuck in a freezer on a full-time schedule made life unbearable, i needed something to keep me alive.
Contrary to popular belief, Mushrooms don't make you crazy. i was working 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week, all under the influence of Psilocybin.
i think the biggest problem was probably trying to contain my laughter inside whenever management would check up on me. i had a co-worker who i had just seen at the beginning of my shift, joking around she said "hey Justin, it's feels like it's been 100 years since the last time i saw you." Taking the opportunity to explain how Time Dilation is real phenomenon i experience,
in all seriousness i said "That sounds about right."

There is such a beautiful organic glow to this Sacrament.
it certainly energizes the body, and gives the mind a newfound sense of playfulness. Visually the World becomes more colorful and crisp. (studies have proven that psilocybin improves eyesight) Music is on a whole other level, that you would just have to hear for yourself to believe how incredible it sounds.
Mushrooms are very gentle to beginners, and yet still profound to the experienced user. For this reason, Psilocybin is easily the first Psychedelic i would recommend anyone to start with.


Terrance McKenna, who is someone i highly respect, gives very enlightening lectures on this Sacrament. For the life of me though, i still can't understand why he would tell people to take 5 grams of Mushrooms. The most i have ever taken at once is 2 grams, and even that was a bit too much. He would say, "anyone who has lost their sense of adventure in life must have forgotten about the Psilocybin stored on the back shelf of their refrigerator." Starting out i would suggest that you take 0.5 grams, to make a introduction of the Entheogen to your system. if all goes well, increase your dose by 0.25 grams the next day, and every day after until you find a peak that is enjoyable for you without being overly strong. The peak will be around 1hour-1&half hours, you'll keep a nice after glow for the next 5 hours. Safe for daily use.
You'll learn how to redose several hours after the peak once you get to know the Sacrament. Stay away from pot for at least 8 hours after ingestion, starting off with only a small bit of cannabis to learn the synergy; you can reduce the wait to as you become more experienced.

*Shying away from sharing this at first because i was slightly scared that noobies to Mushrooms would make a major mistake using this technique. However, i believe my readers are mature enough to take my advice seriously, so i made the decision to add this in. Once you get to know your doses, you can smoke pot 30mins-1hr BEFORE dosing (i still wouldn't recommend doing this with LSD, this is a exclusive quality to the Boomers). The peak of pot will have settled down by the time the peak of Psilocybin kicks in. Note that you don't want to be taking your max dose of Psilo when doing this (if 1g is your tops, then start with 0.5 for the synergy and see how you do. You ought to be able to increase a quarter gram next time), but having a bit of the high of cannabis before going into the trip can make the entire experience a whole lot more pleasurable. Enjoy!