Strong Psychological Health

Now that you have read all about how incredible these Sacramental Gifts that God has created for us are, you are ready to launch into the Heavens.
Before you get started, i want to give Travel guidelines in order for you to have the best trips possible.


As obvious as this may sound, you may hear online gurus saying that you should be fasting going into your Peaks.
That is completely wrong. Whenever the body is hungry, you are much more likely to have negative emotions crawl upon your mind.
Start your day off with a good hearty meal, you should be doing this already whether you are taking Psychedelics or not.
You will need the energy to stay whole&happy throughout your Travels.

When i wake up, i always have either one large egg sandwich or what's called a Midnight sandwich (Ham and Cheese).
Also, make a good habit of drinking a lot of Orange Juice; i personally drink two gallons of it every week.


You may also hear that sleep deprivation can induce Visions. These aren't the type of Hallucinations you are looking for, those are called Delirium.
Getting as much sleep as possible is vitally important to having a healthy mind. 8-10 hours daily, no excuses. If you have to turn off the TV for 2 hours out of your day, then by all means do so. Not only will you feel better in simply being alive, plenty of sleep is a ripe field for harvesting the incredible experiences of Dreaming.

No Mixture

Just because all of the Heavenly Gifts are awesome, it don't mean you should go synergizing them together.
You must respect how powerful each Entheogen is within itself. That means no pot or alcohol during those times. A safe bet would be to wait at least 24 hours, and make sure you start off with only a tiny amount of pot to warm up. The general rule for dosing Sacraments is to learn what it does to you as a individual first on very low doses, then later on increase the strength as you get to know it's effects. Don't say i didn't warn you if you want to be stupid and jump right away to high doses.
Overwhelming trips will scare the shit out of even the bravest buffalo. Find the comfortable medium, and have your socks blissed off what you thought was possible.
Be patient, and you will be rewarded.

We all know about the Love of God, yet there is also something called having a healthy Fear of God.
Heaven has rules to it's playground, and if you break those rules, you will be punished for it severely.
i have personally broken all of those rules, and take my word as do not want to go there! (Hell)
i once smoked pot after 5 hours of taking LSD, feeling like the peak effects had worn off already; i thought i ended up seeing the Shadow of the Sun.
As cool as that sounds, it was actually really terrifying and left my mind feeling a bit fried for a while.
If you insist on trying the synergy of pot and psychedelics, you have to wait at least 12 hours.
Every time you take the Sacrament again, take off one hour from your wait time.
Proceed with caution, dose responsibly, enjoy exploring the stars!

*Please stay only with using the entheogens i have listed on the Sacraments page. There are other substances that are actually harmful, Jesus Himself has told me multiple times that cocaine and a few others are bad drugs. All the substances i have listed on MH1 are things that i have personally talked to God about in person and gotten His approval for these specific gifts.
NOTE: While insisting on the need to be careful, at the same time i don't want to scare you off from trying psychedelics either. When i say to beware of high doses, it's the equivalent of saying don't drink a entire bottle of liquor. In this example, of course you are going to feel very sick if you drank that much alcohol (or take that high of a dose), yet if you only had a beer or two (let's say 1 gram of psilocybin) you can have a really great time!

Microdosing vs Heroic Dosing

No one wants to be at work sober. Life without entheogens is boring and mundane to say the least, perhaps even really sad. The good news is that God has given us these Gifts so that life doesn't have to be that way. Heroic dosing can be described as the most you can handle without going overboard. Those experience are worth living as much as possible, yet since we live in a social world, there are going to be times when you have to lower the level significantly. That doesn't mean you have to go completely without it though, if you have a full-time job where you have to work everyday then Microdosing is certainly right for you. This basically means that you aren't taking so much that you are going to be outrageously laughing the entire time on the clock or so far tranced out that you can't focus on accomplishing important tasks in the workplace. However, you can still take enough to where you can still feel the euphoria of the entheogenic effects without the whole world around you knowing about it. Don't let anyone take this human right away from you! If you have to get a different job to be able to live life in a state of happiness, then by all means do so.

"If you can be in the apprenticeship of learning from the Divine Wisdom on a daily basis, then who is stopping you?"
Microdosing is another term for taking smaller doses to be able to go through the errands of every day life. The cultural bias of psychedelics is God damned awful, the people around you in their ignorance will try to coin you as having a 'addiction'. They will only try to bring you down, yet you know the Truth to have the epic-ly glorious lifestyle that you deserve. Life is short for most people, live it to the fullest.


ya better not skip out on me on this. Listen to what i'm telling you, make it a Reality within your own Time.
Once discovering Sunlight, you figure out that you have been living in a cave your entire life, now finally finding the Light at the end of the tunnel.
The raw warmth of the Sun feels so wonderful, you are going to want to spend as much time up there as possible. Even modern science will tell you that getting Sunlight naturally produces a organic brain chemical called Serotonin a.k.a. the Happiness Molecule. Yet in reality, the Source of the Sun is far more Spiritual than what we can possibly imagine. Actually let the Light into your eyes, you want to mostly look {above} the Sun, however it isn't the end of the world if you have a moment of direct staring...contrary to popular belief systems, you aren't going to go blind.

i spend at least 1 hour watching the Sunrise, then 1 more hour watching the Sunset.
Every time i go to smoke a cigarette, i get another 10 minutes throughout my fox.


Absolutely beautiful on the surface, even more stunning to dive into her depths.
Try to plan your peaks with Entheogens around the same timeframe of watching Sunlight. Choose your favorite playlist to blast on high-end headphones.
(Be sure to check out the Albums released by MH1)


i enjoy playing basketball, dribbling serves me as a metronome for developing syllables in my inner language of Tongues. i also go for a daily 30min-1hour bike ride, that i prefer over running (avoids knee shock). Whatever method you choose, just make sure you are consistently doing it. No matter who you are, the increase of bloodflow will work miracles. One of the first things God told me when i met Him is, "Go take a walk, get your mind clear". Focus on a lifelong goal to have a Strong Heart.