The Cosmic God

"Does life seem like you're living in a Movie?"

*cough cough cough*
..."it's alright Son, you can take another hit", God was sitting in the driver seat of the infinity.
i, on the other hand, was all laid out over the passenger seat after getting a good inhale of the pot We were smoking together. i had made a tall bowl by putting a tiny pipe straw through a wheel lock used for the rims of my car. He was challenging me to go even higher, i already felt like i had hit my limit, yet He had something in Mind that He wanted to show me. i passed Him the bowl, He took a rip, then passed it back to me. After taking my final breathe of the dope,
He called me a Lightweight..."easy to handle". i looked at God, seeing angel feathers fluttering all around Him. This happened in early 2014.

Three years prior, before i met Him in person, i had my first experience with Cannabis.
i was the leader of a church that my friends&i had started. We were apart of a Christian non-denominational stream that we called The Drunken Glory movement. We acted very silly all the time, roll on the floor like we were overly intoxicated, constantly laugh for no reason, and say that we were "Getting High on the Holy Ghost", even though we never would use any Substances. Underneath all the laughter, there was still a emptiness within me, i longed to live a life more supernatural, more mystical than where i was currently stuck at. i had preached at the Church's night service, afterwards we all went to one of my friends house to celebrate another one's birthday. We were all about to leave when someone told me they found a bag of cannabis at a Gas Station pump. i honestly knew nothing about it, however i did over the years while studying Mysticism hear about people having Divine Encounters with Psilocybin. Being the open-minded person that i am, i decided to give it a shot. My best friend had used it before, so we stopped at the Cornerstore to pick up drinks. He said, "oh, this Mt.Dew ought to be good. Once we are High, it's going to taste like drinking rainbows." i chuckled about the joke, having no idea what i was about to get hit with. The person who gave us the pot rolled the fattest blunt i have ever had till this day using a Swisher Sweet Cigarillo paper.
We lit up the blunt while sitting on the lawn outside the R.V. we would always hang out in. i smoke the blunt like a cigarette, not knowing that it takes a few minutes for the pot to kick in. "Do you feel anything bro? -Nah, i don't feel anything. Well, maybe just a little." Hitting the blunt for yet another 10 minutes, i turned around to look at the R.V. that now looked like a movie trailer. "Wow, that is realllllllly far", i had to take my steps one-by-one, i had entered a completely new reality that i had no former grid to understand what was happening to me. Every detail of creation came to life with a perspective i had never seen it before. Even something as simple as the light inside the trailer looked amazing as it's rays shimmered once i finally got the door open. i sat down at the table inside, immediately falling into a trance as soon as i blinked my eyes closed. i had done a lot of Spiritual Meditation up to this point in my life, even though none of that could compare to the effects cannabis was currently having on me. i was watching my own thoughts forming at their origin, at the center of this i had found the Throne of God within, whom looked like a man ablaze upon the Seat of Sapphire, the Emerald ring glowing around Him. The only thing my mind could manage to chant out loud was "Jehovah my God, Jehovah my God, Jehovah my God...", i felt like i sat there for 10,000 years only saying this Word while in a state of pure astonishment. Once i finally slipped out of my trance, one of my friends who was sober was recording this entire scene. The first thing i asked him was, "How many times did i say that?" he said, "i only heard you say it once." It turned out only 5 minutes had passed.

What continued after this was about a hour of uncontrollable laughter for the next hour, where i was screaming at the top of my lungs, "HOLY GHOST FIIIIIIIREEEE!!!!! (i would make a funny noise with my tongue) LOALOALOALOALOA! HOLY GHOST FIIIIIIIIRRREEEEE!!!!!" i was so loud, my friend kept on saying that if i couldn't keep it down that i was going to wake up the neighbors, however i just couldn't control this outrageous joy that had taken over me. This is a example of going overboard, yet there's no doubt that this was the way God had appointed my introduction to pot.


Cannabis is very safe to use. If you have never had any Psychedelic before, pot would definitely be the place to begin. There are no words to give reference that a reality like that is even possible. Start off with tiny 0.01gram doses and build your way up unto infinity. My Culture prescribes it 10 to 14 times every day, expect to laugh more than you ever have before. The World becomes dreamy, very beautiful.


Sitting at the feet of God on the front porch of His house, i had asked Him, "Do you smoke tobacco?"
He answered me, "i smoked for 8 years, put it down for a couple, then picked it back up again."
For me, this has been more of a Divine Concept of Time Dilation than anything else.
if smoking is good enough for the Creator of the Universe, than it's good enough for me.

in the Amazon, the Ayahuasquero Elders taught us that "tobacco will make your Soul strong". This is the Truth.
We have a specific Word to name our Cigarettes; in english it's equivalent interpretation means "making babies".
it's called Mapacho.