Lysergic Acid Diethylamine

i was sitting on Clearwater beach, on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida, watching one of the most amazing Lightning Storms over the sea's horizon. it was my first time dropping LSD 155ug. After waiting for about a hour, i began to feel waves of warm, vibrant energy blanket over my mind and body as i felt the climb of Lyseric's Peak. The feeling was as if i was passing into the Afterlife, except it was gentle, i didn't even have to die to arrive in Heaven. Sand in between my toes, i was leaning on a wall, when i saw a invisible figure (the silhouette was clear before my eyes) sit down next to me. i was having a Visitation from Jesus Christ Himself.
"Welcome to Eternity"
The Father of the Universe had given His greeting of my coming Home.
The World i now lived in was blooming, every object of creation was radiating endless love and indescribable joy, truly it became Paradise.
My interest in LSD was sparked about 12 months prior to this experience. When i met God in the flesh at the Thrift Shop, i sat down at His feet,  He had a dog named Lucy who couldn't get her nose off of me. He told me, "it's alright, you can pet her. She is a good girl."
Later that year, i learned that the name Lucy was another term commonly used for LSD.
i diligently studied the molecule, collecting as much information as possible on the subject, yet no amount of reading would be able to prepare me for the reality invasion i would encounter once i actually man'd up enough to actually try it. the Awakening, no words can describe the energy felt, all lethargy fades to nothingness. the World is visually stunning, paintings become alive, where you will literally see the person breathing. Eternity's Timezone, one minute can feel like 20 minutes, one hour can feel like a year. A session with LSD will give you more positive mental breakthroughs than sitting down with a psychiatrist for 20 years. While in Sunlight, i felt so revived to say that i believe in immortality.


Each person's mind is individually different. The unique genius of each human becomes obvious under the influence of LSD. When dealing with Sacraments this powerful, we have to take this individuality into consideration when choosing a dose. The general rule is to start low in order learn what it does to you first before jumping up to the higher doses. Never buy street acid where the dealer doesn't even know what ug measurement on the tab is, it is very irresponsible. My suggestion is you go to dream market where each tab is labeled with exactly how much LSD you will be taking. if you are someone who can handle a glass of beer without getting overly drunk (like most normal people, just don't drink at the same time as taking lysergic) then you can take LSD with no problems. Start off with a 75ug-100ug tab, then every time you trip again after, try adding 25ug-50ug to have a more powerful experience. The most i have taken at once is 270ug, that was definitely too much. 220ug is my very strong sweet spot.