The Rave Sacrament

"This is exactly what i have been looking for."
i was in a season of Life where i would get as loaded as humanly possible, then go to the local EDM club every Friday night.
Years prior to this time when i was living somewhat like a monk, i had read about the Visions of Ecstasy and the unconditional love that would bubble up out of the heart while using MDMA. Finally i had a hook up to try this Sacrament. One of the things that makes 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine so special is that you can actually synergize it with as much Pot and Alcohol as you want. My friends and i had just dropped a phat rock while sitting in my car, the infinity G35 Coupe, taking shots of top-shelf quality whiskey that i brought in a flask while smoking on a thick blunt. One of them was wearing a Pokemon T-shirt. Once we each obtained the level of drunken high that felt good enough, we left the parking lot to go into the club. Lights&Lazers of every color streamed across the dancefloor, the deep heavy dubs from the monster speaker system shook the entire venue. As the Ecstasy was kicking in, i felt a feeling i'd never had before. Massive liquid waves of undeniable love washed back and forth across the room. Every human sense was significantly heightened, especially Touch. At this point i knew...the Hype is Real.


i would recommend taking what's considered the standard high dose, 250mg, only once in a blue moon.
While high-dose MDMA is known to have aftereffects for a day or two, like a hangover, you have to see what it's like up there at least once in your lifetime.
No fear, there are no long-term effects. i've read some bogus "scientific research" that says it's user are prone to become sleepless, however i know that's nonsense since no one sleeps as much as i do. i actually prefer to use Ecstasy for microdosing, only taking 10mg daily and smoking pot with it. That way you can safely use this Sacrament like any other supplement, without having the negative side effects of going through emotional ups and downs.
*It should be obvious that you still don't want to drink so much alcohol that you are going to get sick or blackout. No one likes to be hungover, so please be responsible. Down a couple of beers with a shot here and there, and make sure to have plenty of fun!

*Tip: dissolve MDMA into a liquid dropper bottle.
Test how many drops fit into the volume of the bottle, then divide that number by the total dose amount you place in it, so you know how much one drop gives you.

Peaks at 1-2 hours, afterglow is 12 hours.