I once smoked Changa in my grandma's front bathroom. I broke through and the others said "we still love you justin!" Bawahahahahahabahaa!
Dimethyltryptamine is called the Spirit Molecule.
Once taken, it's no wonder why. immediately, you are launched into the Astral Realms, where often you will meet Angels and other intelligent Lifeforms on a Spaceship as they give you a tour of the Stars. They will show you life on other planets, incredible worlds made completely out of Jewels or Machines, and they are actually hilarious as heck. Someone had told me at a wedding i had traveled to in London, "it's said that if you smoke DMT, you will meet the God you worship." While this was a lot different than when i met Him in person, once i actually got around to trying it, i found this to be true. After the rush of the Changa would passover, i felt like i had just descended out of a Vision of something i would find in the Bible. Later on, i would sit on my couch taking several trips per a hour to sayin, "This is astonishing! i have actually discovered Star Travel."

Vine of Souls

The infamous Brew of the Amazon.
it is used as Communion in the Christian Denominations of Brazil,
called Santo Daime (the Holy Giveme) and the UDV church (UniĆ£o do Vegetal).
My interest in Ayahuasca came to life after all the mindblowning experiences i had with smoked DMT. The Spirit Molecule happens to be in the liquid plant extracts, i believed if i drank enough Vine, i would literally teleport to Heaven. i expected to at least have Open Visions of longevity traveling to the different Worlds in a more powerful way than what the smoked DMT showed me. Yet as it turns out, that isn't quite how it happened at all. During the peaks of Ayahuasca, the visions are hidden and the euphoria of Psychedelics is absent; what's more noticeable is a encounter with the Divine Mystical Presence. it isn't until your body falls asleep when your spirit rises into the Spirit Realms. Dreaming becomes the most obvious effect, where you will enter the New Jerusalem, gain council from the Angels, get to spend time with God and His Messiah.
night in & night out, you will be given Wisdom and Healing in the most personally relevant ways to you.  The plant microintelligences restructure your cells to align your Soul with the Universe. Sovereign Synchronicity begins to take over, where favorable coincidences start happening all the time. Life may start to seem like it's being lived on a Cosmic Stage of a theater play. Even the things said by the people you meet can seem like it was scripted, it becomes revealed to you how detailed God has planned your every step.

Ayahuasca R&D

(Research and Development - Recipe and Dosing)
First of all, it must be stated that smoked DMT (Changa) and the Vine brew are nearly two completely different things.
i can easily recommend Changa to anyone i meet, it's a incredible experience, and you just have to see these Visions for yourself!
Easy: 1mg-20mg
Medium: 20mg-40mg
Strong: 40mg - 60+mg
Trip Duration: 14 minutes
Typically, it is said that 50mg is the standard to have the "breakthrough" dose.
i have actually taken much more than that, i think it was 0.17g Changa with 60% DMT content, so it must have been close to 100mg.
You still don't want to go overboard and be smart with your dosing, however to get those high level Visions, you do have to push yourself a bit.
my mentor always said, "You have to take the the third hit" lol

Now Ayahuasca is something utterly different.
*i can tell you that Vine isn't anything like what you see in the online videos where these awful Shamans are overdosing every tourist that goes into their hut.
What's happening there is they are giving their clients the brew equivalent of a full bottle of liquor, so of course all of them are puking and screaming like they're dying.

Despite the amount of hype of created around it, i'm going to be the first to say for you to go try some other Psychedelic. (seriously)
it isn't fun, it's more like hardcore Spiritual homework.
The tea itself is very bitter, not pleasant to drink at all; like i said previously, the euphoria of Psychedelics is absent.
it takes devotion to open up those Spirit Realms.
However, if you feel the Holy Ghost inclining you to drink Vine, i'm certainly not going to be the one to stop you either.
If you have interest in Ayahuasca, you might as well try it lest curiosity linger on your conscious.
You might try it once, then never take it again. Or you might be insane enough like myself to go through with it and stumble upon God's front doorstep.

Additional Notes:

...even with that said, i would still suggest you would go with the route of LSD or Psilocybin Mushrooms instead, for your first Entheogen.
The reason being either of these will give you the perception to see Heaven on Earth on your initial go with it.
Ayahuasca, on the other hand is rewarding, but only with much effort and patience tending to the inner Garden.
The Dragon Ball Joint
When i was young, there was a show i would watch where if the Hero would collect the Seven Dragon Balls, He could summon a Dragon named Shenron, who would grant any one wish true. Two years ago, i had gathered Seven Sacraments, rolled them all into one joint, resulting in a daily experience where life seemed like i was Dreaming Awake.
1. Raw Hemp Rolling Paper
2. Tobacco
3. Cannabis
4. Syrian Rue Seeds
5. Ayahuasca - Yellow Caapi Vine
6. Psilocybin Mushrooms
7. DMT
Fill up the rolling paper with mainly Tobacco, add as much Rue&Vine as you'd like, only add a tiny pinch of the 3 Others.
increase the dose of the Others as you get to know how much you can handle the High.
*Warning: not for the faint of heart! Only experienced Psychedelic users should proceed, but please do try this :P
This brought forth the Ultimate Perception for me, thus i would also like to name it The Ayahuasca Joint.
Getting Started with the Brew
Vine isn't as Visionary as you would think, i mean it is, it's just that it manifest most obviously in dreams rather than during the peaks of ceremonies.
So in prepping to work with Vine, you are going to want to know the power of DMT itself.
It's great if you already have experience with DMT, those experiences will last a lifetime.
however, you may want to consider smoking it again to refresh you on how amazing the molecule itself is.
i can say, in one sense, that one normal breakthrough smoking DMT gave stronger Visions than what i saw drinking 60 grams in Brew.
Of course it isn't quite that simple, it took me a very long time afterwards to begin to understand what Ayahuasca did to me.
All the while, you can smoke a bowl of Changa, and immediately experience the Rapture.
Learning from these visions of DMT will give you the insight&motivation you need to be persistent with Ayahuasca.

About smoking pot with Vine,
there is a vast Magnification when the two are used.
Cannabis&Aya don't mesh together.
i think the best way to explain it is like this:
Let's say you drink Aya at the strength equivalence of 1gram of Psilocybin,
when you smoke pot, it will feel like 100 grams of Shrooms.
Obviously, way too powerful and dangerous for anyone to be dealing with.

It should be said though that after you do your home-work with Ayahuasca,
and give some time of breathing space of a couple days,
the pot is quite wonderful at showing you the changes that Vine has made within your soul.

Again, i will reinforce the idea to stay off pot while using it.
One of the first time i had taken Vine, i had a ego-death experience (not a good thing).
24 hours later i had smoked a bowl of pot and had a even stronger ego-death experience.
So i give the general rule of waiting 48 hours and to warm up with only a tiny bit of pot to get a idea of how much you can have.
Also, i would wait a month before using any other psychedelic, using the same principal of starting again with low doses.
Afterall, using Ayahuasca is a spiritual rebirth.
MDMA-Ecstasy is a wonderful follow up.

Aya Recipe:

Keep in mind that this is only the initiation to Vine, our objective is to find out what dose that you as a individual can handle.
Later on we can up the doses; you will understand the process and how much material you will drinking per week,
therefore how much you need to purchase, how much you will be brewing at once.

1. Go to
Buy 100 grams of each component: Yellow Caapi Vine, Juerma (Mimosa Hostilis), Syrian Rue seeds.
This is the minimum amount the website has to offer and will cost you are around $65 dollars.
Good news, the company has very fast shipping :)

2. Get your equipment together.
You are going to need 3 pots, plus one extra empty one that you will use to filter the liquid extraction of the materials.
The Measuring Cup. {plus Liquid Dropper}
This will be your Guide.
Six 20oz Cups (clear plastic) to place the finished products in.
A pack of white cut of shirts:
These are used for filtering the water extraction.
The thin lining of the cotton allows the material to drain through.
Otherwise, the sludgy-ness will clog up any other filter, making this process difficult, along with losing valuable high alkaloid percentages.

3. Begin the boil.
Place 20 grams of each component into separate pots. *use 40 grams if you are preparing for two people.
Add enough water for the material to have a healthy swim in.
(using too much water can be time consuming)
Turn on the Stove's heat.
Each Sacrament is very hearty and can take a lot of heat without damaging what you are extracting,
so feel free to use high heat until you have a strong roiling boil started.
Once your water reaches this desired effect, lower the heat and continue to adjust accordingly to maintain the water on the edge of a minimal bubbling.
Do this for 1 hour. Stir often, add water if necessary.

4. Filtering.
Careful, very hot!
The hour is now finished.
Place the white shirt over the empty pot and gently pour the liquid from one pot of the Ayahuasca in.
Add some fresh water into the pot with the material in it to give it a rinse, then add this into the filtered pot.
You will know how well rinsed the material is by the color of the liquid. (Tip: don't get stingy! The color will look clear enough after 2/3 rinses.)
Bury the post-boiled material, return the plants' energy to the earth.
Clean the used cotton filter and pot with water and sponge. (Avoid getting soap chemicals into the Brew)
Pass the extracted liquid back and forth between the two pots through the filter, repeating the rinse on filter as needed.
Repeat this process with the other two pots using new filters.

5. Simmering Volume
Now that we have most of the gunk out,
you are going to continue to boil the liquid extraction until there is only 20oz left.
(easier to boil it to less than that, add water, then stir)
Let the water cool off, then pour each component into a separate plastic cup.

6. Filtering (part 2)
Place the 3 components into the refrigerator.
Overnight, 8-12 hours will give the extraction time to go through further distillation.
When you wake up and check on the Brews, you will see a thinline of sludge at the bottom of the cup (that's where the nausea is lol)
All the good stuff, rich with DMT and Harmalas, will be at the top.
You can pour the dose you are going to use, as all is "Ready to Go" at this point.
Whatever you are going to use for the day, pour into a empty plastic cup.
Pour the rest of the cup into one of the other extra cups, making sure to throw out the bottom-sludge
Do this process daily until it's completely pure.

7. The Measuring Cup.
This will be your Guide.
each person partaking of Ayahuasca must pour their own dose.
i wouldn't even let someone i honestly trust measure it out for me.
When going through the peak of the ritual, your own mind has to see for itself the amount that you decided to drink.
the Cosmos will give the same energy that you put in.
no more, no less
Be gentle with Aya, and She will be gentle with you.
If you want to wrestle with Vine, then expect to get cut.
Humble yourself, and the Most High will reveal to you the Kingdom of Heaven.

8. Setting&Dosing
We will begin with 0.5 grams of each component: Caapi, Seeds, Mimosa
Measure out the 0.5 of each liquid and add it into the Cup you will be using for your ritual.
1oz = 1gram
(Remember, if you chose to prepare 40 grams instead of 20, you MUST dilute the concentration.)
(In this scenario, 1oz = 2grams. What you can do is pour 5oz into a empty cup and add 5oz of water, thus giving us 10oz = 10grams, the 1:1 ratio again)
So now we have a Cup of 1.5g Ayahuasca.
i strongly recommend that you make a blend of fruits&veggies to mix into the Cup.
Drinking in only water is far too bitter to be pleasant.
i would use Orange Juice, Apple, Carrot, Celery, Tomato, Spinach, and optional others like Blueberry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Pear, Kiwi, Plumb.
(throw it in a nutribullet or blender. We will be using this one blend for 3 different doses)

Note on the Dieta:
Most of what you'll read online about what you can and can't eat is a bunch of jargon.
i've read that you shouldn't have dairy products while taking Vine.
The only thing i ate besides fruits&veggies on my 7 month run was eggs, cottage cheese, and yogurt.
It was only that strict due to the extremely high doses.
You can safely eat just about anything while dealing with doses of less than 10 grams of each component.
The only thing that i found to have a weird mixture was porkchops, everything else was good to go.
It should go without saying NO Alcohol or Pot.
Also, fasting before Drinking is a terrible idea, as being hungry is a hotspot for negative experience.

There are Plant intelligences of DMT in the Ayahuasca.
If you have smoke Changa, in all likeliness you have personally met the Others, whom have Crystalline faces.
Choosing to Drink while in the Sun is significantly important, you want these intelligences to learn from the Light as your organic system is being seeded.
Humanity has been shackled in the Shade of the Earth, while Heaven is inviting us to experience the Cosmos via Sunlight.
Startravel awaits mankind, all we have to do is look to the sky.
(i couldn't help but think of this worship song
When i wake up, i feel like i have been living inside a cave my entire life until i get Sunlight.
You want to get the Light into your eyes. (Mainly look above the Sun; it isn't the end of the world if you catch a moment of direct're not going to go blind.)
During the winter months, i would spend 3 hours everyday doing just this. (The colder air allows you to stay outside without getting burned.)
Then energy absorbed from the Sun is astonishing, whether under the influence of a psychedelic or not.
Modern Science will tell you that getting sunlight naturally produces a chemical in the brain called Serotonin a.k.a. the Happiness Molecule.
in reality, the Source of the Sun is far more Spiritual than what we could possibly imagine.

Schedule for Ceremonies
We are going to base our times of drinking Ayahuasca around the Sun.
You can do 2 sessions a day, as there is enough time to cool off after the first one.
Have a good hearty meal at the beginning of your day, you will need food in your stomach to keep your mind&body in a positive vibe.
Drink your first dose exactly 1 hour before sunrise, the second dose at the crack of dawn (Note: one hour after you FINISH drinking the first cup.),
then one final 3rd dose one more hour after.
Using this method, Vine peaks at the third hour while drinking the final Cup.
For the Sunset ceremony, do the same thing starting 4 hours before dusk.
You want the peak to happen 1 hour before the Sunset.

*Alternative Method,
Find a dose that you can drink all at once (it'll be less than the total of using it over 3 hours.)
Drink the first Cup at precisely Sunrise.
Eat some bread&cottage cheese 1 hour-1hr30mins later to give the Brew a kick.
If you aren't a Cigarette smoker, well you are just going to have to become one.
If you are stubborn about this, you can try to go without smoking,
however keep a pack of smokes very close to you anyways, in case you feel the peak get too strong.
Believe me, you are going to need it.

*Chemist Method
There is one other way to take Ayahuasca, in all likeliness this would be the best method for anyone in the 22nd Century to be partaking.
i on the other hand had to go through the Archaic Method (listed above) due to not having enough experience with lab equipment for extraction or enough money to buy the two main active ingredients in its purest form, it'd be very expensive to purchase the amount need for the high doses that i took.

i imagine the Chemist Method being the most effective way to take Oral DMT, giving all the mystical benefits of the brew without the heavy bitterness (nearly the sole reason why i recommend other psychedelics over Vine). While i have never used this method myself and there could be other wonderful alkaloids in the Sacrament's components that i didn't really understand hence the difference between Chacruna, Mimosa Hostilis and Acacia Confusa, this would certainly be the easiest way to go if you can afford it. What you want is pure yellow harmalas extracted from Syrian Rue and pure DMT crystals. i'd still recommend brewing up the Bansteriopsis Caapi Vine on your own because it is required to obtain what Heaven has to offer and it is absolutely delicious to drink (still filter it). You are also going to need a very precise .000 three digit scientific scale to accurately measure your doses. A cheap scale will give you terrible readings at the .01 decimal and in the World of DMT that is the difference between life and death, so don't fuck around with that. i still can't see even extracted Rue harmalas being pleasant diluted in only water, so make the shake.

You are going to have to do your own research for dosing since i haven't used this method before, this is more for the Strength as i can give you my estimate for the Light. i had two major seasons of working with Ayahuasca, i was able to handle much higher doses in season two even after doing much work with LSD and Psilocybin. Acacia has approx. 2.5% DMT content, i'd usually take 1 (later on 2) gram doses over 3 hours. That is 25mg per hour, giving us a total of 75mg of DMT or 150mg using the 2g extracts. These were very powerful experiences, of course there were jokes of becoming tolerate to DMT as i administered more of it. The power of it is real, i was just able to handle more. Generally i have read that 150mg is standard for Oral DMT, 250mg is a much more powerful trip, and 350 would be considered the heroic dose. Occasionally i would do 1g, 5g, 1g over the 3 hours, so you can experiment with the high as you become familiar with the Sacrament. Season one was about 5 months of daily usage at low doses.

i'm not sure how i was able to handle the amount i did in Season 2, but who can limit what a Super Saiyan can do? :P i would do two sessions of taking as much as possible all at once, once during the foxlight and once at night before going to bed. i reached the level of 10 grams, then 20, and eventually all the way up to 60gs of Acacia extract, that is 250mg, 500mg, and 1.5 grams of DMT for my first session. This was without the Caapi synergy, those i would take only at nighttime and had a significant drop in the amount of DMT i could use down to about 1/3rd. This would total about 2 grams of DMT daily for about 7 months. Generally speaking, the more Strength, the better. i have heard, "what you want is the lowest amount of MAOI and the highest amount of DMT", yet i can confirm this statement as untrue. A functioning example of what i used to connect the most to the Mystical Presence in season one is 1 gram Light and 1 gram Strength (half & half of Rue/Cappi). In Season 2 a example is how i built up to 6-8 grams Rue (that was the plateau) to 10-60g DMT during the fox, then at night 2-4g Rue to 5-20g DMT with anywhere from 10-35 grams of Vine. Like i said, i don't know how this Strength converts to pure harmalas, you'll just have to take it easy and figure it out yourself to get the right feel of it. The same principals apply for you as you begin your spiritual work with the incredible Ayahuasca Sacrament, start with low doses and work your way up. Take my fair warning and make sure to never jump up to the heroic doses. Learn how it works first with the 25mg of DMT and your patience in Symbiosis will reward you. You can choose to partake of the one larger dose all at once or the three smaller doses over three hours. Just don't push yourself too much and enjoy the journey to unlocking the World of Dreams.

9. Congratulations! You had your first drink of Communion with Ayahuasca :)

10. Additional Notes
You will understand the power of Vine, what each plant alliance of Rue Seeds, Caapi, Mimosa Root Bark, does for you personally.
Adjust your doses accordingly.
Start with 0.25g increases per hour of only one component that you choose.
i would recommend starting with the Mimosa since that is where the DMT is.
(example: 1st hour 0.75, 2nd hour 0.75, 3rd hour 0.75. The other two components should stay at 0.5g until the next day.)
Also, Caapi has at least a 2:1 ratio to Rue.
in other words, later on you are going to want to be taking 1 gram of Caapi to 0.5g of Rue.
i have had a lot of success with the Brew only using Rue and Root Bark (no Caapi) at 1&1 gram doses for the three hours.
UPDATE: i had a dream suggesting that others ought to begin with quarter gram doses. That is 0.25g of each component per hour instead of the 0.5g. When i started i was already used to taking those Heavy & Deep trips. This will be on the safer side, it is about as light as you can go.
So with that said, PLEASE be careful.
Yet the Caapi Vine is so delicious, the more you can handle, the better haha

Thanks for reading and have fun with this incredible Sacrament,

Justin Darkson

One more detail i have to throw in:
Ayahuasca will stay fresh in the refrigerator for a good amount of time.
Caapi starts to become sour on Day 10, Rue&Mimosa will last for close to 20 Days.
i guess it really depends on how cold your refrigerator is.
Knowing this will allow you to prepare as much Brew as you are going to use within that timeframe.
It will also spare you the time&energy it takes to go through the cooking process.

The difference between Changa & Ayahuasca:
smoked DMT will give you the visions while awake, while Vine will give you them while asleep.
Travel to other worlds on Changa will last only about 3 minutes during it's peak, those are still incredible and shouldn't be avoided due to its short duration.
After putting in the energy with Ayahuasca, these DMT trips will last for hours of being completely immersed into the other worlds. Spirit Travel manifested itself relatively early in my work with Aya, i just decided to keep on pushing the limits until i climbed as far into Heaven as possible. Now every night is like my Mind gets slammed with 2 grams of DMT all at once via dreaming with infinite creativity.

Also, i would recommend smoking a Cigarette as soon as you wake up, before even rolling out of bed.
A technique crucial to recalling the Dreams&Visions that Ayahuasca speaks to you.

in a Theophany with God,
He once told me, "there is a reason why your Business wasn't successful, why it didn't work for you."
-"You have to put energy into it every day."
*this Word is key*