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What is life without music?
There is a old Ayahuasca tale: it is said that the Plant spirits met the Ancient Elders of the Amazon thousands of years ago.
the Spirits would teach the Elders songs, then ask if they could sing it to them.
These songs of tradition that have been passed down to us are called icaros.
It is a language that resonates with the Soul like no other can.
Grab a chair, catch a spectacular view one hour before Sunset, experience the Movement.

Volume 1

Reception Party (mixed by idealNoise)

Preview of upcoming Mixes

Vol.1 (CD 2)
Redefine - One Heart, One Spark
Where Did You Go? SingingSatellite
Back Like NASA & Stay with Me
Lucky Guy - Take You for a Ride
Turn it Down
Boom, Clap, Come Home to Me
Stand Here Forever
the Otherside - DaytonaConcert
So Much More Room for Happiness
PeaceMode - Center of the Universe
in the Name of Love - Untouchable
24 a.m. - Surely find it
One Wish 《Yugen Vine Hoodz》
Reception Party Bonus Track:
idealNoise - Lovebytes Promo Mix.
Living up to the Sovereign
(Creation)Ring, Ring, Ring - Coming Home
Move for Me
King of the Jungle(Amplified)
Baby You Got What i Need... (friend)
Otherside pt.2 (Sleep - Revolution)
JustEscape (Shock remix)
All We Need (Shy Girl)
ĮAM Free - Recommended Drank
Dig (The Better Side of Me)
Latch by Burial (Foxy OriginalPost)
Let My Love-in, Lay it All on Me
What if god is One of Us? GP
Youth @beginning
Differences - My Whole Life Has Changed
Pretty Young Thing
Blossom by Yatlas
Move That Body, Shake That Booty
Make Yah My Kingdom
Need a Hero, Come Save Me (Rescue)
Nothing on You, Babe
Alive Again
Wild One (Shut Down the Club)
I Cry
i Could Never Forget You
(Till The End of TimeÉdith-ion)
NYE'13 ApollyonFalls911AcidDrop:
"*beep*beep*He must be the only Man on the planet not seeing this rn."
Mmhhmm (Flying Lotus)
Follow You Down (Touch the Sun)
Cant Keep My Hands to Myself
Naked Ones
Dark Star
Into the Fire (Breakthrough)
Let You Go
Vol. 6 《GoldenProtector of the Oracle》
NTKY - Smile&LookAlive  (DarkSunglasses)
Pachuca Sunrise
Living in the Heat of the Moment
100 percent
Stranger (Air in my Lungs)
Waves - Sailing the Stars
The Serpentine Bae Exit - Bipolar Sunshine
The Boss's Chick
You&i Can Lit Forever Up
More Than Ever
Red Lights
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Get Right Back To My Babe
Fade into Darkness
SSG - Move for Me
Paradise, Lose Your Tears
Make Me Feel, Nothing Else This Real
Only One, Cake by the Ocean
Beautiful World
Attention, Never Getting Over You
Open Door, We Come Running
Key: Make Some Noise
Fear No More
We Belong Together
All The Way Up
Lighthouse (Yael)
If i Fall (Crystallized)
Come Back (Fuchette)
If i Rise (Enigmatic)
Wide Awake (Kenzie May)
One Last Chance (Skyelle)
Ready For Your Love (MNEK Ether)
Breathe Me
The Real You (nolita)
Take Me (England-Tiesto)
Tell (Nosaj)
"i don't want the world to see me 'cause i don't think they'd understand, when everything seems to be broken i just want you to know who i am."
*Pulling Blinds at 12'OClock Foxlight*
This is your island
i am your sand
Take a dip whenever You'd like
You know where to find Me
Here in your Mind