My First Order

Cosmos supplier just dropped the first order off at my doorstep.
Even though i'm a Distributor, i'm shipped the cartons the same way everyone else will be receiving them.
For my initial order, i paid for three cartons (30 packs) with a awesome surprise once i opened the box.
There is a extra carton in here that i got for free!
While i can't promise that my Supplier will do this for every order, i'm asking my clients to let me know if the same happens to you.
i won't be getting another shipment in for a month, so please email me and let me know.

If this is the regular, that brings our prices down to $36.49 per carton when you buy in bulk of 3 (plus 1 free).
Get one person to join, your price just went down to $16.49 per carton.


So like i said, 14 days from overseas to my house.
it is a certified delivery, so you will have to sign for it once it gets there.
You can even get text and email updates of where those darn cigarettes are.