Temple's Cannon of Revelation

Dive into the Secrets of Magic contained within the Books, unopened for aeons, laying upon the dusty shelves of the Holy Place.

My Evernote Collection

After trying to publish my original works to Google Play, i found that i didn't like the format displayed.
in other words, my Books lose their sense of style outside of the native app that i created them in.
the Flow of the book can be properly found in the free app called Evernote (Cellphone version, not PC).
*Download Evernote, import the Collection, enjoy reading once synced to phone. Click here to read quick tutorial.
*Pot Vision highly recommended :)
(Please respect the Author wishes of using the correct format, in order to maintain the original feel of the material.)
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Lucy ingrid faboo

This book is all about the true meaning of life.
It's very straight-forward, no beating around the bush, specifically to the point.
WARNING: Contents contain explicitly flirty language, often hilarious, and is probably way too hot for children. (Conversation you'd expect from a normal mature Married couple)
i took my Puppy Daschund Daughter to meet God's Australian Shepard.
"Do you know how impossible it is for both of our dogs, Lilly and Lucy, to be here at the same time?"
Interestingly enough, the same meeting between the two girls happens again in the movie "Ghost in the Shell" and "The Light Between Oceans".


Original Work written by Justin Darkson
MRK is essentially the Prologue to the Jester Twins saga, developed during my Ayahuasca Trials. It was in September 2016, when my ability to Astral Travel into the Spirit Realm every night begun to manifest.  Each keyword has about a 20 minute story behind it that unfortunately wasn't recorded. Yet MRK is utterly supernatural nonetheless.

Foundational Creed

These two books were written during some of my deepest study of the Judeo-Christian cannon.They are basically a reinterpretation-commentary on the Psalms and the Gospel of John. i feel like this Volume gives a good reflection of my spiritual beliefs at its core level. it's my hope that this rendition will give you a fresh perspective on the love of God.
*PDF format.
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Malazan: Book of the Fallen

Cannon of War-Scriptures

10-part Series,
described as "the most epic fantasy collection ever".
It features Old and Young Gods with humanity caught in their dealings.
Starring Oponn, the Twin Jester God of Luck.

Denul — Healing
D'riss — Stone
Hood's Path — Death
Meanas — Shadow and Illusion
Mockra — Mind
Rashan — Darkness

Ruse — Sea
Serc — Sky
Telas — Fire
Tennes — Land
Thyr — Light

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Savior of the Universe
The Miracles, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection.
No other person has had as much impact on our World's history as this One Man. Listen to the most colorful portrayal of the Messiah's life&teachings, as it was written from His closest friend, the Apostle John.
The Annointed One
*i couldn't get podomatic to embed this episode into the website. Click on the link above or download to listen.

The Book of Revelation

Consider the most mystical book of the Bible, the wrath of God is poured out on all evil within the Soul, then after the Purification, the King of Heaven judges His followers as worthy to live in the City of Eternal Paradise.

The Door of Everything

Author: Ruby N.
Jesus has a direct conversation with the reader. He speaks of Transfiguration, the untapped potential of the mind, calling it Christ-Consciousness.
You were instructed, "Let this same mind be in you".
When Jesus learned that divine omniscience is the nucleus of everyone, he held his life in prayerful stillness till he was conscious of my presence, then took up residence with me and began to experience all wisdom, all love, all power.
Jesus claimed his identity as the Living Christ and became a Grand Cosmic Being who knows all things and has all power.
00:00 Chapters 1-3
41:23 Chapters 4&5
1:09:22 Chapters 6&7
1:47:26 Chapters 8-10
2:18:39 Chapters 11&12

TV Shows

Akashic Records of the Magical instructor

The Most Popular Anime in Japan 2017, featuring three lovely girls.
Rena Lanford of Star Ocean 2
Young Lightning Farron of Final Fantasy Xiii
Elly Van Houten of Xenogears
My Cat Son, Dias-Citan, also has a cover for his starring role in the show.
Sir Dias Knight Flac (SO2 1998) whom my Kitten was named after in 2015
Albert (my uncle's name) in Rokuaka'17


"Get a Dog."
When i first met the Father of the Universe, this was one of the first things he told me to do. Over the next couple years i got close to my puppy daughter, LillyGrace, her warmth and playfulness stole my heart. Also, only about two weeks within that first meeting the Cosmos introduced the show Wilfred to me. It features a Man in a Dog suit ("God" spelt in reverse). The Lord's humor was obvious to me throughout the seasons, along with His mentorship that has been a inspiration to my life's work.
Sitting on Father's front porch,
He said to me, "One of the prevalent problems i have with the education system is that we don't teach kids the Truth from the beginning".  All the taboo talk boundaries are crossed in this show. Don't watch if you are easily offended or don't have a sense of humor.
*Episode selection below video
*Also On Netflix


The Shack

After going through the severe tragedy of losing his baby girl, the Father questions his faith. While still deep in his weeping and anger, he receives a personal invitation to spend a weekend with God at the heart of his trauma.

Full Metal Alchemist

Brotherhood is a must-see anime.
Following the Alchemical War, two boys with magical talent join the military after they lost their parents. A experiment goes horrifically awry when trying to resurrect their loved ones; one loses his arm, and his little brother loses his entire body...having his soul bonded to a Knight's Armor.

Conqueror of Shamballa is a full feature movie based on the series.

The Fountain

Trying to save his Wife from a deathly sickness, he has to travel through three different parallel timelines in his search for immortality.

Genesis 3:24: "After sending them out, the LORD God stationed mighty cherubim to the east of the Garden of Eden. And he placed a flaming sword that flashed back and forth to guard the way to the Tree of Life."