Slaying Archangels

Spiritual Warfare

Well, let's jump straight to the point. Is it possible to kill Satan?
You may say, "what makes you even ask a bizarre question like that?"
For me, i have had so much exposure to the demonic realm it would be a odd thing to speak with someone who doesn't believe it is real. i can very easily see the strongholds where humans are getting completely cheated out of their heavenly inheritance. There are very obvious lies that a person is blinded to, whose source is pure evil.
Being born into the modern era, society has a tall proud chip on it's shoulder towards the spirit realm. Yet God had a different plan for my life. One of my earliest memories was playing a game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System called Spiritual Warfare. Throughout the game, you collect various armor pieces such as the Shield of Faith, the Belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Boots of the Gospel, the Helmet of Salvation, and the Sword of the Spirit. At the end of the game, you enter the devil's lair in attempt to kill him.
Growing up with unshaken resolve, i was absolutely determined to enter Heaven before death. In chasing this goal, every demon has crawled out from the cringiest corners of Hell in attempt to stop me. i have been brutally cursed and offended far beyond what any human should have to endure, including forcing severe depression and suicidal thoughts on me. Throughout these several past years of intense battle for peace, i have continued strong in prayer and belief that God still only wants the best for me. Many miraculous breakthroughs have been made.
Today was interesting. As soon as i got to work at the Pizza Shop, we had a large donation order for a church where i was chosen to make the drop-off. A co-worker named St. Francis of Assisi, jokingly said, "Tell them Satan is still alive! My ex-girlfriend used to go to that church." i asked him, "How could we go about killing Satan?" Surprisingly, he actually gave me a really good answer.

"First, I would have to do research. Which version of the devil are we dealing with? Demon or Fallen Archangel?"


"I don't think hellfire would kill a demon, but holy water, incantation, and a void seal ought to do it."

i could wish that a genuine exorcism was as easy as saying a lazy prayer over zepherhills water, then *poof* the fiend is gone. Yet this symbolism that we often see in the movies isn't actually all that far off. i daily make a special drink of fresh produce that has an enormous impact on how strong my spirit is. It is expensive, it's time consuming, and the Holy Ghost makes it every bit as rewarding as the effort i put into it. Even in the NES game, you collect various fruits and vegetables that are effective weapons against the wicked entitys attempting to eat you alive.

Here is my recipe:
Just chop up one of each, then throw it all into a blender. Add 8oz of water and OJ

Plums, Lemons, Tomatoes, Avocados, Peaches, Blueberries, Collards/Spinach/Kale, Carrots, Broccoli, Kiwi, Apples, Celery, Parsley, Cilantro, Mango, Blueberries, Beets, Pears, and 2 gallons of Orange Juice every week.

Everytime i'm pushing a shopping cart out of Walmart with all this stuff in it, i feel like i just made a successful bank heist on Heaven's storehouses. All the sacred energies of the earth are within these plants; when you drink this cup, your entire body and soul aligns with the highest cosmic universal frequency.

Bringing to light how important research is. Being someone who has much experience being under attack from devils, i have learned a lot about how they function. Going through all of that has given me the opportunity to know their tactics and how to actually fight back. For most people, they will do everything they can to stay hidden and make you believe they aren't real, all the while still destroying your life. However, once they know they have been exposed and can't hide anymore, they will challenge you head on and will ceaselessly scream very offensive insults. The key here is that the battle happens over speech.

The Sword of the Spirit is the powerful weapon you have, scriptures refer to this as glossolalia. Even the resurrected transfigured Christ in Revelation 1 is described as having a tongue like a two-edged sword and a Voice of many rivers. The divine language will create a spiritual space of protection for your mind.

Do you know that feeling of hurtful awkward lowness? Speaking to the Holy Spirit will let love in and release the burden off your heart. If you are fortunate enough to not be dealing with such blunt demonic activity (don't feel bad if this is happening to you, a lot of people do experience those negative energy but don't want to talk about it), my advice to you would be to guard your heart. If anyone enters your life and begins to verbally abuse you, cut them out of your life. (This happens very commonly in public schools). There are some people that just can't be saved, they will even guise their deception in the mask of love. The Apostle Paul speaks of individuals such as these (1 Tim 1:20).

One thing i have learned is to be on the Offense of the conflict. The entire world around will put pressure on you to not use your Voice, but i dare you to try yelling at the top of your lungs for 10 minutes straight then tell me that it isn't the most freeing feeling your soul has ever experienced.
They cannot survive in the presence of Sunlight. Also, exercise will make you strong and the seals unbreakable. i have a very steady running routine, here is how i do it.

40 mins everyday
the first 10 minutes is purely walking/smoke warmup
the next 25 minutes, jog at the slowest pace for 1 min, walk for 1 min throughout the duration
the last 5 minutes is cooldown


St. Assisis continues, "If we are trying to kill the fallen version of Lucifer, we have a problem on our hand, because he may still have a bit of the holy presence left in him." We determined that there are two different ways to deal with this type of being. i said, "We would have to create a weapon, it could be a gun, however it would need it's bullets to be in the same hyperspace as the Archangel. Otherwise, physical ammo would pass through the spirit's body without doing any damage." The second way would be to "chain" the being, likened to Gabriel in Babylon.

The Spirit Realm has a very close entwining with the visual mind. Human society has actually developed technology that deals heavily with this very same specified hyperspace formerly mentioned. Namely, the technology is known as Quake Champions.

Duel: Cha1n vs Volkerh
The effectiveness of QC's arsenal for spiritual warfare is unparalleled. Synergize this with chainsmoking and sacraments, and ye shall be untouchable.

Justin Darkson

Soul Age: 26 billion

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