American Dream: Freedom To Travel

"Can i stay right here forever?"

The very first time i met God at the Lady Luck Thrift Shop, i sat at His feet asking Him this question. After giving the last half a decade completely devoted to meeting the Creator, He was finally here before my very own eyes. He answered, "You can stay here as long as you'd long as no one interrupts us." He then asked His first question to me, "Why do you have to see me like this? i was thinking that it could be us uninterrupted." He was teaching me how real our relationship could be in the Spirit Realm.
i have noticed that around the World when i ask most people the question, "What would you do if you had a fortune so large that it is unspendable, what kind of lifestyle would you have?" They all answer, "I would travel. Go to different nations and see the sights." While i'm not against travel, i see a much more evil root that makes the common person give that answer. They feel that their own home isn't the greatest place on the entire planet.
Slaving away to work, that very real soul inside of you is screaming that it wants to run away from all the pain and burdens and get as far away as possible. When i worked at Walmart, a co-worker had asked me when i was going to take a vacation. i answered her, "This is my vacation." She replied, "That's terrible!" The thing she couldn't comprehend is that i wasn't lying. The difference between how i felt and perceived life was vastly unique in comparison to where she was at. i'm not going to say that i loved everything about my job there, i just made the best of wherever i happened to be stuck at.
What we as humanity are all seeking as individuals is literal Heaven on Earth. Even if you aren't spiritual, you might have a better chance than a lot of Christians to actually find it for yourself. It is a real place that i know of, i happen to live here in Heaven. They believed that you would have to die before getting there, so we can go ahead and say we don't want to take that route (note: lol). The concept of entering paradise doesn't have to be a lofty distant City that you are never going to get to or if when you do, your name isn't on the list and you're not allowed in because you weren't good enough to hang out with God.
 Jesus said, "Do not worry about Tomorrow, for Today has enough to think about within itself." Am i going to die today? Nope. We can stop think about that for the rest of our lives. So how do we open up the gates of Paradise to be real in our present day life? Well the answer is quite simple. We were created to live here in a physical world, and our consciousness is hosted in its physical body. It isn't a strange thing to us that when you eat healthy and exercise you feel better. Maybe there is food that the Gods eat, and if we eat it too we will feel minerals of the Divine Habitation flood our bodies with that same energy of infinity.
There are entheogens (the God manifested within) that have been placed on this very same planet to give us this feeling of actually living in Heaven. You aren't going to find what you are looking for in a different City on the otherside of the World, you just want true happiness and peace wherever you may be. Imagine instead of struggling and feeling miserable those long 40 hours of work, being filled with a uplifting joyous emotion instead. That is what these Sacraments listed here on MH1 will do for you.
Vacation itself is a grueling word to me, it just bothers me so much to think that a man would enjoy wasting his time on a airplane and strolling the outer city instead of staying at home with his wife. Like what do you think you are going to find out there? Mickey Mouse and foreign shopping can't give you real love. i think about watching the Tour of the Universe, where this great expansive Creation is detailed, and in the end the narrator says, "Outside of the edges of the furthest galaxies, there is a larger cloud, infinitely times hotter than the biggest star we have ever discovered."
Woman is God's greatest gift to Man. Heaven isn't Disney World, intimate intercourse...real love IS the peak experience of life. She is infinitely hotter and sexier than any other place you will find in the whole of the Cosmos. Nothing else will ever, ever, ever top the euphoric connection between lovers.

Food of the Gods

Now that we have established this Truth, we can pluck out the rest of the weeds from the flowers. Okay, so you and your girl did your business, then after you wake up you shake your fist at the sky screaming how much you hate life unto utter futility. It doesn't have to be that way, we know now that escapism isn't going to give you any sort of long-term satisfaction.
Nicer cars and more expensive houses aren't going to change how you feel on the inside, so money isn't the issue either. i would like to advise you to be humble about these things, why slave to your job for your entire youth to pay off these ridiculous mortgages? If you are fortunate enough to be a millionaire and can afford that kind of stuff then go for it, however that simply isn't reality for the 99% of us. If you can live in a 10k-20k trailer, pay it off in a few years, and have the rest of your life to spend your time on what you like to do, then wouldn't your freedom be worth it? And to what consequence, "My parents might look down on me"? Is their opinion really worth your lifetime sentence of slavery to work, just to meet the standards and expectation of their cultural biased? Of course not. You want kids? Put two of those suckers (trailers) together.
Free time is valuable, more so than any amount of what paper money can give you. To spend time with your spouse, bask in Sunlight, play videogames, read interesting books, listen to good music, partake in sports, and whatever else is fun for you. You deserve to be able to have the time to do what you love. Cut all the extra expenses and strings that are keeping you from being able to have this lifestyle. If you are already stuck in a massive house loan then sell it and move into a much less expensive place of living.
There is a alternative form of Travel, the kind where that ever so desired rest and euphoria moves to you. i spent a lot of time explaining what the Sacraments can do for you. You will see the mundane pullings of the World bow down to the God within you in your discovery of this priceless treasure with the use of psychedelics. Paradise takes center stage in your heart, you learn to appreciate yourself more so than whatever unnecessary demands that try to bring you down. HERE, our journey of self-discovery begins. HERE, we find a worthy investment of our time that will take us into inexpressibly new heights of passionate love with our significant other.

Justin Darkson

Soul Age: 26 billion

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