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Love Under Arrest

The Jester Twins saga presents a concept in its introduction the concept of protecting your mind. "Guard your heart", the Lord has whispered in my ear. Throughout life, all of us have been enslaved to our culture. No matter who you are, going through 2 or 3 decades of living, you have without a doubt been exposed to anything and everything the World around has thrown at you. A lot of it great things, and others perhaps quite negative, even traumatizing.

So the question is how do i free myself from the scarred memories and live at the peak throughout it all? i personally know Christ, and He has taught me godly knowledge to move into a future of energetic aliveness. This blog isn't intended to to form around a spiritual doctrine, rather just wanting to share some funny jokes and cool things that i have learned.

The idea bloomed as i was packing my one-hitter pot bowl with the Blue Dream strain over my Dragon's space temple. While doing this, i heard the Holy Spirit tell me, "We are about to get pulled over." She was pointing out that i needed to go take a shit.

"Way too much information for the rest of us."
That is what i have been saying to myself for years.
Wherever we go, or even at home, a relative will random shout out, "i have to take a leak." Or even hearing a simple, more polite "i have to go to the bathroom."
That is just too much shared space happening in my mind, like don't you know i do all my private stuff in there, and obviously naked. Please spare me the picture.

i thought it was hilarious how Shekinah worded it, "getting arrested".
Here, i would like to lawfully place the word "Love" under arrest.
Globally, it's quite common for friends and family to say "i love you", but where i'm from this is straight profanity of the worse kind to be using out in public. Perhaps if we all understood what i'm about to present, we could change this to "i like you" or invent a different universally used word for that same kind of love.

My issue is this, Love is sacred. It is the deepest bond shared between two humans in the intimacy between husband and wife. We say this very exact same phrase repeatedly while making love. i don't want to share that expression with anyone else, that's my thing with my girl.

"u can't have it."
So when i'm forced to say it to others, "i love you", it's like "...but not that much." Or i feel like i'm lying to them. It's just really weird. i don't expect this to change, after all i'm mature enough to know the intention behind it and i wouldn't want to offend anyone. At least talking about it will create a space where we acknowledge the problem and give a place where this kind of division can take place, thus still protecting what is sacred.
i had a dream a couple years ago where i helped store owners make billions of dollars on launch fox. Within the first hour they had a million orders in paying $1,000 dollars for their product. i had to organize the raging hype on social media to get the overflow of hotcake orders under control. i had asked the owner what this life changing product was, you can see it for free on this link.

Did you click on it?
You must be saying by now, there is nothing there. Why would anyone pay for nothing? Well, i believe that would be a grossly undervalued estimate for what having "Nothing" can do for you. After nearly 30 years of living i have accumulated a whole lot more than nothing, and a lot of it feels more like a back ache of extra baggage than what i want to hold onto for the rest of my life.

It's a space of emptiness. A place to let go, whether it's stress, sickness, past hurts, distractions, worries or anything that has been making life a little less joyful. There is a teaching in Kabbalah by a centries old rabbi named Issac Luna Ari, he said that Creation begins in the space of nothingness, then the Light fills the Void with the building material of Heaven. Your mind has a space where it can reference Nothing, now you have been gifted with the eternal pass to have a new beginning.

You get to start from before scratch, what thoughts are you going to use to fill your mind? i personally would begin with thinking in glossolalia, also the word picture i painted above lends majestically to filling the soul with the ancientness of Sunlight. It could be whatever you choose though.

As i was contemplating on how to teach this concept and adding a layer of security to nothing, the move Maze Runner was playing in my living room. i laughed as i saw my name "Justin" on the wall being crossed out as someone who died in his attempt to enter the maze of Nothingness. "Shoot, if i can't even get into my own space of Nothing, who possibly can?"

i have this way of having a thought process of at least two things simultaneously. It can be quite a distraction and interrupt on what i'm trying to concentrate on. Obtaining my place of nothingness, i could just think of Nothing as being on my mind's background while my forefront chosen focus takes center stage.

Again, i want to affirm that now that you have a clean slate from all unwanted culture, you will take this place with you for the rest of your life. Months, even years after reading this blog, at any given moment when you feel you need a reset, you can always feel safe to think within this space where all mental chains have been broken.

Justin Darkson

Soul Age: 26 billion

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