Cosmos: Tips To Success (in this business)

Knocking on Doors

So you have joined the Cosmos payout program.
You're ecstatic that you can make a full-time living smoking cigarettes and playing videogames.
in the past, when someone joined a marketing business they would hit up all their friends&family to buy their product...but after they told the all the 50 people that they personally knew, there was no where left to go. Only the most dedicated would stand in the freezing cold knocking door-to-door to find new leads (signups) to buy their product.

Well i have good news for you, those days are long gone.
If you are reading this right now, there is a good chance you found this website from someone who sent you here via in game Quake Champions or Overwatch. With over 35 Million people playing, the potential leads you have are virtually endless. Every match begins with 11 other people that you have never met before in your entire life. After they see the same message that caught your interest, "Become a paid Professional Gamer" or something to that effect, and make the decision that they want to make money with us too, you get paid 50% percent of the company's profits whenever they join the League.
*A Signed MLG Halo Pro starts up his own Online Tournament!
*Watch the explanation of how you are going to make a living playing your favorite videogame.
help promote Hyperspace Colosseum to expand the League and get paid!
i also talk about Bonus payouts and Saving the World.

Now think about this, if you get one person to join everyday, that is 30 new referrals per month.
The League Pass is $29.99, so you make $20 dollars on each person you tell.
The payout for that would look like this:
January: $600 dollars (+ $1500 in bonus)
February: $1200 dollars (+3000 $ in bonus)
March: $1800 dollars (+ $4500 in bonus)
April: $2400 dollars (+ $5000 in bonus)
May: $3000 dollars (+ $6500 in bonus)
...and so on. No other League is going to give you money just for telling others about their tourneys, your paycheck grows every month! (if you were to stop there after just a few months of being a Promoter of HCL, you will still receive your compensation. That's $95,000 a year!)

When you get 10 people to sign, we are going to buy you a brand new Xbox One X.
If they decide to buy Cosmos cigarettes, you also get $20 dollars for that referral.

Say you don't have alot of time to spend marketing, you only play 10 matches.
That is over 110 people you reached out to in one night.
You're probably already addicted to the game, you might as well make money doing it; imagine how many leads you would have if you were playing Overwatch like a full-time job! *o*
i was hanging out with God at His house.
He said, "Since i knew you were going to be here, i have been thinking about what i wanted to tell you over the last few days." He asked me a question to start a conversation about finances, "There are these people that i know that live off only two thousand dollars every are going to have to teach Me new ways to make money."
i answered Him, "there is this thing called ripple..."
One of the things God taught me is "energy is returned to Me from what i put energy into."
This undoubtedly applies to the Cosmos company. Keep in mind the Word, "Persistence".
You WILL have success, as long as you are willing to give forth the tiniest bit of effort.
i assure, You CAN do this! :)
Note: Just be sure to enter the correct person's name while registering your account, i want credit to go where it's rightfully due. If you don't know the person's real name, enter their Gamertag. i will be confirming the referral for each person who joins.

*Also, if you are marketing without having a account, i will put you on my blacklist. You must be actively buying at least one product per month to get paid. This is for everyone's own good.
*Since we just launched, if you sign up in December you are already qualified for January.
*if you feel like the game you compete in doesn't have a large player base (like QuakeC), you can hop on a different game like Fortnite that has over a million active players to find leads.
*This can be done with any online game. PC is preferable since you can type the URL.
* It's as simple as doing Copy&Paste "Become a paid Professional Gamer" (Ctrl+V) at the end of each match. Refresh the game search to get all new players (i just usually alternate games between Teams & FFA). You are promoting specifically what 35 million people are already interested in, meaning they're very likely to see what all the hype is about.
*Our Company is going to pay you while you play. Just make the link to HCLeague the new "gg".
*ignore the haters, you will always have more people interest than not. Remember, your goal is only 1 person per day. if you get 10, even better.
*Don't overthink it. After you take your first step, you'll realize how easy this is.
Worst case scenario, you get a grumpy reply.
Best case scenario, you get paid and a brand new Xbox One X.
*Cosmos business is applicable to console also. i will add whatever your favorite game to compete in is to our League's lineup.
*Earn the bragging rights to call yourself a paid Professional Gamer in our Tournament.
*No matter what, stay on the path.
*Make sure you map a key that chats with everyone in the match.
Also, using a Mic will give you more attention. Be friendly & don't be shy.
Aren't you tired of working at your boring job? Make a real full-time income with us!
i'm glad you are stoked about Cosmos.
What are you waiting for? Help us expand the League and get your game on Today!

Hyperspace Colosseum

*PLEASE try to remember the gamertag of who sent you here when you are registering your account, i want this to be fair for everyone. Plus it's good Karma for you.
*Don't wait for the last day before the Tournament starts to sign up. The earlier you join HCL, the more time you have to promote and get referrals in.
*Besides the business of Cosmos, i think the website i have built here is pretty cool. Stay around for awhile to see what's happening at MH1.
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