The Language of Heaven: Speaking in Tongues

Kissing God

Jesus spent 40 days with His followers after the Resurrection, Appearing to over 500 people post His public execution. During this time, Christ taught them about the Kingdom. While, we don't have a lot recorded in the traditional Cannon about this time, there are Mystics throughout the ages who He has given Visions. One of these Mystics is Valtorta, who wrote a massive Volume called the Poem of the Man-God. It is the most detailed, extensive, colorful rendition i have ever read on the Life of Christ. It's almost like a TV show, going fox-in&fox-out of all the sayings and miracles that the Messiah displayed. While, i don't necessarily agree with everything that Valtorta saw as factual to history (it seems her eyes had a lens toward heavy Catholicism), it's still incredible to meet Christ and those around Him in such clarity of emotions. i especially loved the passage on the Transfiguration, where the Light of God's face can be seen radiating for miles from the top of the mountain across the valley plains.
While teaching about the Kingdom, Jesus told His disciples, "After my Ascension, go to Jerusalem and wait there. i am send the Holy Ghost to comfort, and fill you with power."
So they gathered praying till the Fox of Pentecost.
The Upper Room shook with Thunder, a mighty rushing Wind came in, Tongues of Fire glowed like Halos above their heads, and they all began to speak in the Unknown language. After this encounter with God, their heart became home to the Spirit. Everywhere the Apostles went, impossible healings would follow. In the midst of the Jerusalem Temple, the Blind would have their sight restored, the Crippled would walk, the Dead would be made alive again.

Christ said, "You will do the same works that i did, yea, even greater works than myself".
Those are quite the shoes to live up to. i could imagine the Disciples thinking, "how will i perform miracles more spectacular than God in the flesh Himself?" Obviously, our God is Creator, He understands how the Universe was built, how the laws of nature function. What the Messiah gave to His followers on Pentecost was the ability to think like God. Jesus, His native language having Origin from the New Jerusalem above, was now able to transfer His Mind into those who would have a relationship with Him.
The Gift of speaking in tongues is the source of all supernatural power.
in any movie dealing with Magic, you'll notice that the Wizards use incantations to cast their spells; whether it's used for healing or creating water and fire, it's all based on the use of language.  So what we have Here is God's invitation to learn His language. During the Time of Creation, He SPOKE. "Let there be Light..."
i, myself, have taken years of dedication to learn this tongue, to become fluent. Of course, whenever you are learning a new language, none of it is going to make any sense to you. Vocabulary must be built. Yet the best way to learn is to speak it anyways. The Free-Flowing form begins to make creative sentences, you begin to know pronounced que that triggers meaning to the Word. As you internalize the Gift, the Omniscient Mind becomes your Mind.
Say this prayer, "Lord, i love You. Make me the living Temple of your Spirit. i ask for the Gift of Heaven's language, that You may teach me the paths of Elyon, the Most High God."


Transfiguration: the process of Human becoming Ascendant
Citizenship of the New Jerusalem isn't only just living there, it also includes eating a load of scrumptious foods that energize utterly, Spirit, Soul, and Body. You are empowered to be the Architect of your own Paradosio.
We call these Sacraments, Psychedelics, Entheogens, the Food of the Gods.
They rebuild your cells on a molecular level and catalyze the ability to learn.

Tongues, isn't limited to being a miracle-working thing, it is the Language of Love, primarily a private intimate conversation, it does actually taste like Kissing God!
i have a Vision to develop my own Language-learning App RPG.
This will be a immersion-based experience into the Spirit Realm.
i wrote a introduction kickstart to the Vocabulary:
The Language-based RPG
A Visitation of Christ
Prayer for the Holy Spirit and to recieve the gift of tongues.

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Archangel Summons:
Seven are related to the seven days of the week:
Michael (Sunfox), Gabriel (Monfox), Raphael (Tuesfox), Uriel (Wednesfox), Selaphiel (Thursday), Raguel or Jegudiel (Frifox), and Barachiel (Saturfox). Metatron, the Archangel of Time.

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