Cosmos: Bonus Compensation

The Path of Finacial Freedom

i'm super excited about my new company Cosmos Cigarettes, i hope you are too!
Let me tell you how i got the idea:
i had just gotten out of church, i was about to have lunch at a restaurant before going to the theaters to watch Justice League. Before going in, i decided to have a smoke. Soaking in the Sun during this time of normal contemplation, i had thought to myself, "why do i even smoke Marlboro cigarettes? They have the same taste as any other tobacco product, and it's not like they pay me to smoke their brand". It was this moment that the concept for Cosmos dawned on me like a feather falling from Heaven.
i'm a avid smoker, managing to have a pack daily, like many others that i know. Every month, i would take a trip to the store to buy three cartons like clockwork. This would cost me $200 dollars, already in my budget, i'd never think twice about it since i knew i needed it. Searching for the cigarette that i would use for Cosmos, i found that just by switching to this new brand i would already be saving $30 dollars. That felt good. i made the decision to become a Distributor of Cosmos, and developed a system that could make a lot of money for anyone who would buy from my online store. The slogan begun, "Get Paid to Smoke".

Here is how it works:
i'm going to personally pay you for smoking Cosmos Cigarettes, all you have to do is send others to buy from my store. If they buy 1 carton, you make $20 bucks; If they buy 3 cartons, you make $60 dollars.

People already are paying for this product as a essential to life.
The business is kind of like this, if you order carryout Pizza from Dominos, they are going to charge you full price, but if you order delivery from Pizza Hut, we are going to drop your food off at your front door and give you $20 dollars just for accepting the order since you decided to shop with us.

Bonus Compensation:
i want my clients to focus on and be happy with making that $20 dollars.
Originally, i wasn't going to have any sort of Bonus payout, yet i truly want my clients to be successful, so i decided to add this in. If you don't want the extra money from Bonus payouts, i'll keep it for myself :P

You will get paid $5 dollars for everyone you are a referred grandfather to.

Examples of Compensation:
"yadda, yadda, yadda, so what's my paycheck going to look like?"
So you're hyped up about the Cosmos company, you want to win that sweet new Xbox One X, you go out to find 10 people who are going to buy cigarettes through my store. Let's say they all buy 1 carton, that is $200 dollars in your pocket that wasn't there before.
You get to throw all that cash in your friends faces talking about how awesome you are while kicking their ass on the latest Halo game.
Now they're all excited because they have seen this is the real deal, they run out to send 10 others to buy cigarettes from my store. You make $500 dollars in bonus compensation.
So you just totaled in $700 dollars and you get to have a sick LAN party.
It's noteworthy that this is under the condition that they ONLY buy 1 carton. If you and your friends are anything like me, y'all will be ordering 3 cartons every month.
in this case, you will be making $600 dollars in Direct payout and $1500 just in Bonus payout.
That is $2100 dollars...YES, Twenty-One Hundred Dollars!

At that, after y'all are done smoking your order for the first month, everyone is going to need to reorder for the next month. So that would be $2100 dollars EVERY month.

i'm only going to give one more example, so you can see the potential of the Cosmos business.
Now that you have got your toe wet, you are ready to walk on water.
You have decided that you are going to make Cosmos your full-time venture.
After going to the local nightclub or wherever, 50 people buy from my store that you personally sent after passing out business cards (designed and already available) .
They all play their part, and also find 10 people to buy from Cosmos.
If everyone buys 1 carton, you make $1,000 in Direct payout and $2,500 just in Bonus payout.
If everyone buys 3 cartons, you make $3,000 in Direct payout and $7,500 in Bonus payout.
This give you a total of $10,500 dollars every month!

While i can only give you a theory of how much you are going to make (it all depends how much effort, time, and energy you personally put into it), i can say that there are a lot real of self-made millionaires in this same industry using other products (i.e. overpriced coffee).
*The same exact compensation applies to the League Pass.

There's no membership or join up fee, just send them to my store and you get paid :)

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