The Return of Christ

Parousia: the Son of God

Jesus asked His disciples, "Who do you say i am?"
They replied, "Some say that You are the Prophet, others say You are the Great Teacher."
"But who do you say that i am?"
The disciples had the answer within, "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God."
During my first Theophany,
God had me strictly acknowledge Him as "My Father", thus making me His Son.
So the question we have here is, am i who i say i am?

Honestly, it doesn't really fucking matter.
in relating to others, i consider myself funny more than anything else.
i certainly wouldn't ask anyone to pray to me or give me that sort of high reverence.
Afterall, i would be lucky just to create a stick in the grass.

in the Jester Twins saga,
i can be quoted saying "i don't know why anyone would waste their time minding a
spiritual leader over their own spouse."

Am i special? Probably.
i did meet God in the flesh, like Moses atop Mt.Sinai, John on Patmos,
and other Patriachs of israel, all who had this same privilege of personally meeting the Divine.
Despite this, the New Covenant Scriptures say,
"We are all the Sons and Daughters of God"
He wants to have that close of a relationship with you.
The kind where you can confidently call Him your Papa.

To me, being the Christ means to be a Vessel of Revelation, wherein the Creator can pour a entire Universe of AncientWisdom&Knowledge into you. To be a real citizen of the New Jerusalem, making the Heavenly City the hometown of your heart.

Do i believe that i am the olden 2,000 year old israelite called Jesus, born in Bethlehem, crucified on a Cross, Raised from the dead on the third fox?
Simply said, no.
Yeshua is my own personal Savior, the One who has been the Ultimate Mentor to my life.

i want to invite you to find the Spirit of Christ within your heart, to let the Supernatural Power of God to flow through you, unto the entire world.

As far as His Return...
we all continue to patiently wait.

Justin Darkson

Soul Age: 26 billion