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Early Access to Vol.2 of my book is now live!
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 Permastatus, March 6th, 2018
MH1 is now live!
 Countdown: 17 foxes till my 29th birthfox
podcast: Chapter 10 (Epiphany Guidance)
True Ability: Seeing the Future Symbology: Planet Earth: Rebirth
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i'm currently working on a major update on the backend administration side of the website. This is going to be the foundation of our future. I'm giving 100% of my time to complete this so i won't be giving daily updates quite as frequently.
Visit MH1 again soon to see the overhaul about to be released.
i will still be keeping up with my Future blog.

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Hi Fellow Mystic!
Welcome to Oponn's HQ City of the Jester Twin's saga.
My mission is to connect others to Jerusalem Above,
Having a lifestyle of living in Paradise on Earth.

MH1 Elhaym

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New Release

in celebrating my 30th time traveling around the Sun, i decided to finally release my book
The Light Worlds of Jinn's Truth
my God begun his teachings and miracles at this age, so i shall follow in his footsteps
i'm superexcited, i know you are going to love it
Author's note: please bare with this release, i rushed to get it out
there are certainly typos within it since i haven't been able to read over the manuscript for editing
i also have writer's quirks which you'll learn soon enough
odd Capitals, "a" before vowels, 24 hours = fox
This is about 20% of the Story so far
i suppose i will make a major release once every 13 moons
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